Expert Survey

This section gives a description of the online survey conducted to gather the expert input for the topic models.

In each country, the experts named debates on the public role of religion in societal life that occurred in their respective country during the period of investigation. We also asked the experts to give keywords associated with these debates. We then grouped similar topics provided by different experts into a smaller number of meta-topics using the online qualitative content analysis tool QCAmap ( Keywords associated with such topics were pooled on the meta-topic level. Expert-provided topics were assigned to one or several meta-topics leading to a consolidated array of non-disjunct meta-topics (see Appendix B2). The meta-topics were later used to judge the quality of the topic models by comparing the keywords in each meta topic to the topics generated by the topic model.

Key Data

Title of Study Expert-Informed Topic Models for Document Set Discovery – Expert Survey
Field Period 15 August 2016 – 18 November 2016
Principal Investigators Rinke, Eike Mark; Löb, Charlotte; Wessler, Hartmut
Funding Agency Deutsche Forschungs Gesellschaft
Sampling Frame Purposive sample of highly expert individuals identified through extensive review of (a) the academic literature on religion, politics, and media systems and (b) the faculty directories of the major media and communication departments of research universities in each of the studied countries.
Data Collection Software SoSci Survey (Leiner, 2018)


Leiner, D. J. (2018): SoSci Survey (Version 2.5.00-i1142). Retrieved from